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When we work together,

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Consider me your personal marketing agency.


When it comes to resumes and other professional-brand messaging, I base my writing and design strategy on your unique background, skill set, and career focus.


My objective is to fit you, not a template.


The process is a joint and iterative effort—you tell me what you’re about and what you’ve done, and I help you say it, expertly.

In the interest of helping you shine, I do not impose rigid time frames on information-gathering meetings or limit the number of times we talk.


I am not done until you’re satisfied. If you aren’t happy with my products, I’ll keep working until you are!


When I originally brainstormed names for my business, I jokingly wrote “Museum-Quality Resumes,” because every time I finish writing a resume, I want to frame and display it.


Really, I don’t have the wall space and I respect your privacy, so I don’t … but I do take great pride in producing superb, interview-generating documents.

I love getting to know my clients, helping them to showcase their capabilities, hearing new excitement in their voices, and of course, learning when they’ve received the interviews and jobs they want!


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My fees are based on the length and level of your employment history and the complexity of your situation.

I will provide you with an exact quote after reviewing your current resume and/or questionnaire and asking you some additional questions about your background and career goals.


All resume writing includes a preparation discussion (typically about 2 hours), a collaborative draft review, electronic delivery in Word and PDF formats, and professional proofreading. Fees range:

  • Students and recent graduates: $400 - $550*

  • Mid-level professionals: $600 - $850*

  • Senior managers including C-level executives, Portfolio Managers, and Managing Directors: $1000 - $1300*

*Additional fees apply to expedited service requests (standard turnaround time is 7 days). Pricing on updates for returning clients is also determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Cover Letters 

$175, with purchase of resume.

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn profiles are designed to elevate your professional image and improve search engine optimization.
I provide you with custom text for all relevant content sections, a background image, key word suggestions, and guidance on specific features and settings.
Fees range: $375 - $600, with purchase of resume. Training: $75 (1/2 hour).

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Reference Sheets & Thank You Notes

Fees range (depending on style), starting at $150.

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Executive Bios & Board Networking Documents

Fees range, starting at $350.



Getting started 

It’s usually easiest if you start by sending me a copy of your current resume. If you don’t already have one, we can discuss the important details instead.



Next, we talk about your career goals and the ways in which I could help you to make your resume and other branding materials more effective.


I answer your questions and discuss accompanying materials that could aid in the preparation process. At this time, I also provide you with a price quote.



If you choose to work with me, I send you a Letter of Agreement, which you return by email. I begin to work on your new resume after receiving your Agreement and payment.


Learning about You

I meet with you in person or by phone to learn more about you and prepare a writing strategy. This conversation involves an in-depth discussion of your qualifications and accomplishments and typically takes about two hours.


Writing & Editing

I then prepare a draft of your resume and email it to you. After you’ve reviewed it, we discuss revisions. I want you to be excited about it, so we go through as many iterations as you want to get it just right.


Finishing Up

After you give me a green light, I send it to a proofreader for review and then email the final document to you in MS Word and PDF formats.

From start to finish, the process typically takes 7-10 days.

From there, clients often want additional help with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other branding materials.


I consider the writing that I do for others to be theirs, not mine, so I don’t post my clients’ resumes publicly; but, to share a sample of my work, here are two versions of my own resume.


One presents me as a resume writer, with potential clients as the intended audience; the other presents me as a candidate for a business management role in financial services (my previous position).

They provide you with more background about me and illustrate the importance of having a targeted resume.

Note the deliberate style and content differences of the two resumes.

Resume Writer

This document promotes me as a resume writer by highlighting client satisfaction, creative ability, and breadth of professional experience.


It includes quotes from clients, takes some bold design liberties, and highlights my familiarity with a broad range of employment roles.

On the Desk

Business Manager

This resume emphasizes my managerial skills and financial services background. It's more conservatively designed, but still visually interesting and easy to read.


This is not a resume I’d submit now, as the experience is dated and the position no longer exists, but it’s another example of my messaging and design style.

A team discussion at a trading room

Reach me here if you'd like to schedule a free consultation.

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