A Few Companies That Have Hired My Clients

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Resume Reactions

C-level Hedge Fund Executive
“I have already passed on your name to some other people... One of them (an old friend) wrote back 'I read your resume and all I can say is - Wow!'"
Marketing Communications Manager

"[My resume is] getting great feedback. This string below is someone from the leadership team at [a well-known NYC ad agency] and from a social media firm - both discerning individuals of marketing resumes, for sure.“

Excerpts from the string:

- Your resume is unbelievable – your experience and the amazing use of multi-media!!
- She agrees with me that your resume is the most amazing one we have ever seen.”

Senior Derivatives Trader, Financial Services

Introduction from a client to a recruiter who had asked the client for my contact information:


“Sheila is the creative genius behind my CV. She is just super at focusing content and obviously design. I could not have had a better experience with her.”

Realtor, New Home Sales

Attached to a vase of flowers:

“Never have I seen such an extraordinary example of a resume. I believe it is life changing…”

Director, Financial Services, Investment & Advisory Firm

“This has been such a hard process for me for whatever psychological reasons. You are WELL WORTH every penny! I will be sure to give your name to anyone looking for resume help. It's such a nice feeling to be proud of your resume and to know it accurately reflects you.” AND “I caught up with a recruiter friend of mine… and bragged how much I liked my resume. She guessed your name when she asked who wrote it.”

Business Development Manager, Financial Services

“I just attended a large industry function in which I had opportunity to meet with a couple of serious suitors. I can’t put to words how well my resume was received. You did a smashing job. Thought you might like to hear. ;-)”

VP of Human Resources

“Wow...wow...and wow! That looks great! What an awesome job, Sheila! I could not have put something like this together.”Later, “I had breakfast this morning with [a director at a university's Center for Leadership]. She loved my resume! I told her all about you, and she's requested your contact info, which I've forwarded to her. Kudos to you!!!”

Mobile Product Manager

“Thank you so much. This has been a great journey for me, and you've really helped me align my skill set. I am eternally grateful.”

Development Director (nonprofit)

“I have been working at my job for two months now and I LOVE IT!!! I still can't thank you enough... I tell all my friends that if it wasn't for your exceptional resume I would never even been called for an interview!! Thanks again!!!!”

Supply-Chain/Logistics Manager

“I know and listen to numerous other late 50-early 60 males in my town that also got ‘down sized’ and can't find anything. I remember my wife saying early on ’You just have to accept that you're never going to make the money you were earning’ Well, I just had 2 job offers. And I'm now making more money than I ever have. Turns out finding a good resume writer was one of the best decisions I've made!”

Recruiter (Design/Advertising)

“More [referrals] on the way. You are the resumator.”

Senior HR Manager/HR Business Partner


"You’re a godsend. Your support during a time that I’m not feeling appreciated or valued by my new manager has really boosted my confidence. I’m very very grateful, and I want you to know the effect you have had. ❤️ My warmest wishes and respect to you Sheila. I’ll of course continue to send people who need you (i.e. everyone!) your way.”

Nonprofit Executive Director

“This is f*ing great!... You are my hero.”

Financial Services Executive

“[My resume] went to the CEO of a global company, and the feedback was tremendous. Had my first interview with the US head yesterday. Not sure if it is a fit, but the paper rocks!”

Managing Director, Financial Services 

“Thank you so much for working with me. It can be a stressful process and you made it so easy.”

Marketing Executive

“I received very positive feedback and it got me in the door- from our mid August conversation to landing a new gig in September - it was an amazing turn around. I will definitely refer people over.”

Grant Writer

"Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this. I'm just amazed by how well you pulled all of the facets of my experience into a comprehensive, professional whole."

Financial Services, HR & Compliance Manager

"The Marketing Manager at one of my interviews went out of his way to compliment my resume as a ‘masterful piece of marketing material’ first thing in the interview.  He loved the layout and how the information important to an interviewer is broken up into digestible pieces. Many thanks, again, for a job beautifully done." ALSO "I got another compliment on my resume yesterday during an HR Roundtable that [another client] and I were attending, and we were both singing your praises. Oh, and update, I have accepted a new job… YAY! Anyway, everyone asked for your contact information, so you may be getting a new influx of work from HR heads, or their referrals, from this area."

Financial Services Executive

"I was talking to my friend who runs sales and marketing for [a global asset manager], and he said it was the best resume he's ever seen. He said he shared it with a colleague because it was presented so well."

Coaching Reactions

Attorney (group coaching)

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this group! After being away from work for some time, the program reduced my anxiety about my resume gap and helped me define a new (likely longer) timeline for returning. I’d been half-heartedly going through motions that seemed like what I should be doing. Your questions and insights helped me think more intentionally about what I want in my next position and opened my eyes to a broader pool of potential opportunities than I’d originally identified. I feel much better about where I am now and, importantly, left with what I was hoping for: a concrete plan for my next career move.”

HR Assistant (individual coaching)

"Last week I received an offer from a company that I really want to work for! I am so grateful for your help with my job search and interview strategies. I feel like 'thank you' is not enough. I am beyond thankful. Everything about the job search process was so stressful, but I felt completely relaxed at interviews, not nervous, not panicking. Before each interview, I reviewed the notes I had taken during our most recent talk. That gave me the confidence to stop worrying that they would think I wasn’t qualified. Again, thank you SO much! That call was really important."

Former IT Executive seeking another direction (group coaching)

"Sheila is excellent at moderating the group while giving personal attention and insights for each individual’s situation. It helps to know that you’re not alone in facing the tough challenges and feelings of anxiety that a job search or career change can bring - and that others are struggling with those same challenges."

Director, Sales Systems (group coaching)
“If you are considering next steps in your career, this is the program for you! Sheila’s methodical curriculum helped me to align my personal priorities and values to take my career to the next level. It was helpful to talk through my own thought processes with the group, and it was reassuring to hear how others dealt with similar challenges despite very different career paths. Sheila’s resume help, as well as her coaching and insights have been invaluable to me in understanding and articulating my personal brand and value. All of this helped me gain confidence to enthusiastically explore my next professional move and secure an exciting new position during the program.”
Educator & Nonprofit Leader 

"Hi hi hi!!! I want to let you know that I just ended up leaving [the position I took last year] as its leadership shared the same downfalls as my previous position. Your guidance and conversations, along with self-work and reflection, allowed me to spot red flags before I chose to give my whole ball of energy to likely meet the same end… The exciting part of all of this is that it’s led me to decide that it’s time for me to start my own non-profit centered around kids, food, and nature and with leadership focused on planning, strategy, goals, and follow through… Thank you for helping me focus my personal vision and strengths. I value your kind but professional guidance - and your support along this journey with me."  

IT Professional - Full Stack Developer
“The career coaching that Sheila provided was invaluable. I knew I was looking for a career pivot, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Sheila asked great questions that caused me to look deeper, do some investigating, and ultimately led me to sharpen my job search. Over the course of our sessions Sheila challenged me to reach out to my network with questions. Some of those I reached out to were barely acquaintances that, on my own, I would have been too timid to contact. With Sheila's guidance I strengthened relationships and gained valuable insights. I recently accepted an offer in my target field, with a company in my target industry, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Sheila!"